Discipleship Counseling, teaching, and training

About Courageous


What's in the name, Courageous?

Courage is evidence of our faith in Christ, and faith is directly opposed to fear. Throughout the scriptures, we are encouraged to "fear not" literally hundreds of times, yet how are we do that?  Fear manifests itself in our lives with many labels, such as anxiety, depression, anger and addictive behaviors.  Many well-minded counselors will help you "work" on correcting your issues or undesirable behaviors.  At Courageous, our goal is to journey with you in discovering the liberating power of Christ's presence within you.  By design, only He meets our deepest needs and longings. His perfect love dispels the fear in us that literally fuels our issues.  Courageous living is a journey. It's learning to "walk" by faith. It's how "we" walk too, and we want to walk with you. 

Courageous is

Courageous is a non-profit ministry founded by its director Michael Chalmers, who answered the call to full-time ministry in 2002. Since that time he has served others with the biblical message of hope in Christ Jesus through one-on-one discipleship counseling, and through various teaching avenues and training courses. With seventeen years of counseling experience, and nearly a decade as co-founder & director of another non-profit ministry in the Upstate, Michael was called to develop Courageous, to show others the way out of their fear and into freedom. Courageous is a member organization of Network 220. Whether you're sure you don't know Jesus, or consider Him your best friend, Courageous is a safe place for you to share your struggles and discover the abundant life He has to offer you. 

In what ways can Courageous serve you or a loved one?

The primary functions of Courageous fall into three categories:

1. Personal Discipleship / Counseling / Mentoring

2. Biblical Teaching / Conferences / Retreats

2. Discipleship Training

Personal Discipleship / Counseling

For those who are seeking biblical counseling as they navigate life's challenges, or those who simply want to experience a more intimate walk with Christ through personal discipleship. Contact Courageous to set up your assessment.

Biblical Teaching / Conferences / Retreats

In addition to Courageous teaching events, Michael is available for speaking and to lead retreats.  

Discipleship Training

This multi-month course is scheduled annually. Watch for announcements or contact Courageous to inquire about discipleship training.