Discipleship Counseling, teaching, and training


Ministry Professional

I had received Christian Counseling over twenty years time as I've struggled with many different issues. This is the first form of counseling that has brought me real hope and shown me the tools that God has already given me for living the Victorious Christian Life. I've seen real change in my life as a result of understanding my true identity in Christ.  

Husband / Father / Grandfather

When I first came here I was angry with God, and doubtful that He cared about my life's situation. There were strongholds in my life that my spouse insisited had to be dealt with, so I reluctantly agreed to come. Having seen other counselors before, I was less than optimistic in my expectations. While I hadn't realized it, throughout most of my life, even as a Christian, the enemy, Satan, had convinced me that God's character was more like his own. I saw God as cruel, unfair, and one who loved to see me in pain. I had anger, distrust, frustration, depression, no hope, and no motivation. Through the discipleship process with Michael, my eyes were opened to the devil's scheme. I was finally able to recognize and take responsibility for my reactions and for believing the enemy's lies about God, which are contrary to His Word. Once I realized that I had actually trusted Satan instead of God, everything began to change. I was able to forgive others and let go of the blame I had held God responsible for. I was able to recognize myself as He sees me and believe that He really loves me because I am united with Christ. Now I know that there is nothing between me and my relationship with God. He is always with me. I no longer see Him as my enemy, but as my advocate. Instead of anger and depression. I am relaxed and have peace. Instead of being miserable and ungrateful, I am enjoying the life He's given me and can pray with hope. My relationship with my spouse is being impacted as I now am becoming the husband God has always intended for me to be. 

Business Owner

When I came to Michael for Discipleship Counseling, I had hard feelings towards others and towards myself. I lived with emotional torment and I knew it was from the devil, but I believed I deserved the spiritual attacks that came against me. Through my time being discipled, I feel more at peace; physically and emotionally, even my health seem to have improved. My appetite for God's word has grown tremendously and it makes so much more sense to me. I've walked free pf seasonal "blues" by focusing on Christ. 

Sonya - Young Wife / Career Woman

During the past year, I went through a storm of anxiety and depression, which had drastically affected my whole life including my marriage. At first I believe that it was all stemming from my job. However, the job revealed underlying issues that I never knew existed such as perfectionism, the need to please, unresolved anger, and misconceptions about God. Taking the advice of a friend, I went to Christian counseling. The discipleship leader was Michael Chalmers. My husband accompanied me during every session. At first, I was afraid to be open with someone about my issues because I always felt I had to have everything together. However through the sessions God revealed to me that I'm not perfect and we've all fallen short of the glory. Nevertheless, God loves me just the way I am in spite of my faults. I knew this in my mind, but did not understand it in my heart. I also learned God is a true  healer, not just from hearsay, but from first hand experience. I believe that my healing is a daily process. God has allowed this to happen so I can learn more about Him, myself, and to be a light to someone else who may be going through a similar situation. Thanks be to God that I have joy and my marriage is back on track, and we are expecting our first child. I thank the Lord for Michael Chalmers and his ministry.  

Dorothy - Wife / Mother / Grandmother

Before coming for discipling with Michael (and a trainee), I was deeply depressed and did not know why. I believed that the best of my life had been lived and I was spending my days looking in the rear-view mirror of life. While presumably believing in God and trusting His faithfulness, I unfortunately believed the enemy's lies about myself even more. I also believed that God had allowed me to be in what I had "deemed" a miserable marriage of three decades. I felt abandoned and was ready to abandon my marriage. Through my discipleship counseling experience, I was able to see that my marriage was not my problem and I have gladly exchanged my life of self-pity to one of being focused on Christ. It feels like I've had a heart transplant. My depression has been lifted and joy is in my heart because this journey in Christ has revealed that I am a child of the King. I have an inheritance that cannot be taken away from me. God has placed me on a path, and I want to spend the rest of my life telling people where true Joy comes from. I would say it should be mandatory for every saved person to experience this journey in discipleship.