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Grace Life Conference

What is the Grace Life?

The Grace Life is Christ's Life freely given to us by the miraculous exchange that occurred through His finished work on the cross.  This biblical teaching along with a helpful visual presentation,  clearly articulates  what it means to be  crucified, buried and raised with Christ as a new creation. (Galatians 2:20 & Romans 6:3-6) It also equips us to recognize and welcome Christ's intention to live His life through us on a daily, minute by minute basis.  

Our time together: Saturday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

1. The Nature of the Flesh

Discover what lies you've believed about yourself and allowed to define you and your actions.  Recognize how you've learned to live life, attempted to please God, and attempted  to meet your own needs for love, acceptance, worth and security, in your own strength. 

2. The Exchanged Life 

As mentioned above, this teaching articulates how at salvation, we have become new creations and have a new source of life, which is Christ Himself. The Christian life isn't complicated, it's impossible, if we don't allow Christ to live His life through us.   During our time together, you'll learn to recognize the fruit of His Spirit as evidence that you're trusting Him. 

3. Journey to the Cross

Discover how God uses difficulty in the life of the believer to bring us to a place of surrender.  Brokenness is the only path to seeing and knowing the wonder of who  God really is. The Grace Life Conference equips us to recognize those times when He is lovingly showing us the weakness of our own strength, while inviting us to rely on Him. In doing so, we learn to welcome and cooperate with His plans.

4. The Believer's Identity in Christ

Who am I? That is the question that many people  spend a life time attempting to answer. Without a biblical understanding of our identity, we may expend great effort to redefine who we think we are. Discover in this session, exactly who God says you are in Christ.

5. The Believers Victory

You've heard about spiritual warfare; in this session we will learn to recognize the lies and deception of the enemy that are personally tailored to work against us.  Moreover, we'll discover how Jesus has already provided the "victory" for each of us and how to walk, daily, in that victory. 

Conference Fee: No charge, but donations are gratefully accepted


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